Red Holler

Red is an American singer songwriter. He pulls songs, poems and stories from everyday hardscrabble life. Raised in the Northeast in Boston and Brooklyn, he has drummed and sang his way through punk and blues, country and rock. Some of his heroes are Jimmie Rodgers,Lightning Hopkins, Carl Perkins & Howlin’ Wolf. He sings in a lean and muscular style with lyrics that bare the battle between desperation and hope. Red Holler and bandmates Ton of Gold bring you these songs, fresh and new, colorful and wild, enjoy.

Zane Wylder grew up in Brooklyn New York. He started playing guitar at an early age when he found an old dusty guitar sitting on top of a rusty trash can that someone threw away. He listened to his older brothers records and learned to play by ear. As his passion for this newly found talent, he grew more and more into the music. He started playing with a high school friend in local clubs and they formed a local band together. After meeting producer Adam McLeer at a recording studio Zane went on to record guitar tracks for Run DMC, Busta Rymes and many other artists. He worked with producer Jerry Wonder at Platinum Sound studios in NYC. His guitar riffs can be heard on many different recordings throughout the music industry. He later regrouped with an old band who is now know as RED&TON.